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Advanced Water Solutions

Gourmet Coffee, Gourmet Tea
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Columbian Fair Trade-
light and sweet with a caramel top note and soft finish...also available in decaf

French Vanilla Supreme-rich, creamy, vanilla flavor...also available in decaf

Special Blend-medium body, well rounded and balanced

Hazelnut-subtle taste of hazelnut

Holiday Tradition-flavorful coffee with undertones of milk chocolate fudge and caramel

Dark Magic-dark roast, deep, dark, and intense

French Roast-the darkest of our roast, its a toasty aroma and crisp molasses flavor it is not for the faint of heart.















Black Gold Extra-medium body with a smoky flavor and tranquil finish

Breakfast Blend-balanced and smooth...also available in decaf

Caribou Blend-this is a great "first cup of the morning" coffee.....rich & bold, but not over powering

Wake Up Call-full bodied coffee kicks things off right with its rich flavor and lively finish

Morning Edition-a hearty blend with creamy vanilla taste.

Earl Grey
Orange & Spice
Mint Medley
English Breakfast
Pomegranate Berry
Tea Variety Pack...Chai, Mango,
English Breakfast, Earl Grey and
Serenity Green