Purchase or Rent Water Coolers

You can rent or purchase your water cooler from Advanced Water Solutions.  Our two types of water cooler are: 

– providing instant hot water for tea, soups, etc. and ice cold water for drinking.  This unit rents for $10.25 per month and the selling price is $277.50.

Cook/Cold – for home use, including cooking and drinking.  This unit rents $8.50 per month and retails for $225.50.

Rent a water cooler and receive 10 gallons of Ozarka Drinking water and a water cooler for two weeks. 

*with approved credit, refundable deposit required of the bottles of drinking water.

Let us bring the water to you Advanced Water Solutions delivers Ozarka Bottled Water right to your home or office water coolers. 

Our bottled water cost much less than expensive single serving bottles of water from the store.  Drinking Water $6.00, Distilled Water $6.00, Fluoride Water $7.00 and Spring Water $8.50.


For those of you that want to kick the bottle water habit we can install bottleless water coolers right in your place of business.  Bottleless Water Coolers offer a healthy alternative to bottled water.  Our point of use drinking water is clean, fresh and reverse osmosis filtered for superb, clear, odor free and crisp tasting water. With a bottleless water dispenser, you'll never have to change heavy jugs of water, or worry about bottle storage.  Bottleless water coolers also offer choices of water temperature; cold water, room temperature water or hot water with the touch of a button.  Bottleless water coolers are a great choice for offices, factories, homes, medical centers, customer reception areas, beauty salons, and retail outlets.

Visit our Ozarka 5 gallon distrbutors at these locations...

Jumbo Food                                    2311 W Willow, Enid, OK
Jumbo Food II                                 221 South 30th, Enid, OK
Keller's Market                                412 West Main, Carmen, OK
4T's                                                 801 E Jack Choate Ave, Hennessay, OK
Mike's Variety                                  1756 Cecil St, Waynoka, OK